“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked, and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty”. – Mother Teresa

Henria Unique Education Centre’s ( HUEC ) ‘ Human Service ’ is a completely independent, social, voluntary, cultural and communal organization. These organizations are committed to the highest development of their talents and are keen to play a special role in building a hunger-free and self-reliant India.

Henria Unique Education Centre ( HUEC ) is a social organization, through sustainable development to bring about the desired change in the socio-economic condition of the area, to build a self-reliant happy and prosperous decay-free society. The development framework will be formulated and implemented in the light of the objectives of the organization, especially in a concerted effort to positively change the socio-economic status of the backward

It is a completely apolitical, socially developmental, cultural and voluntary humanitarian organization. This organization will consist of people with disabilities, farmers, day laborers, expatriates, school / college students and all classes of people and will carry out activities for the development of all classes. 

Henria Unique Education Centre’s ( HUEC ) takes some steps for developing the self-reliant India.

  1. HUEC takes stapes for  Protection, upbringing, welfare, development and rehabilitation of the rights of neglected, distressed and endangered children.
  2. HUEC takes stapes for  Correction, development and rehabilitation of social offenders.
  3. HUEC Providing free medical care to helpless, distressed patients.
  4. HUEC takes stapes for  Protection, upbringing, welfare, development and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  5. HUEC takes stapes for Welfare, development and rehabilitation of  socially disabled girls.
  6. HUEC takes stapes &  Provide support and encouragement to prevent social injustice.
  7. HUEC  Providing support and incitement to prevent social injust.
  8. HUEC provide skill development training to professional social workers.
  9. HUEC  takes  stapes   for  Support  and development  of acid-burned  women.

Early social welfare philosophy was mainly dominated by religious and moralistic motives rather than the selfless desire to assist them materially. It was closely related with the religious ideas of philanthropy and alms giving. Henria Unique Education Centre ( HUEC ) is used to carry welfare activities for the poor, downtrodden and infirm as charitable activ­ities & this idea is still continuing. Charity gets over into the mores and it used to have powerful religious sanction. Most of these activities are performed individually or in the form of a trust.