The growing realization is that the disability that a disabled child faces is not his or her disability, but rather widespread inequality and prejudice.

“All citizens are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.” There, persons with disabilities as citizens of the Country will enjoy the same rights as persons with disabilities. Here the rights of persons with disabilities are recognized by the supreme law of the Country.

According to Henria Unique Education Centre (HUEC) violations of the rights of children with disabilities are rooted in discrimination in the family, society and the workplace. There is a belief in all walks of life that disability is a curse and a punishment for sinful deeds that affect people with adequate access to care, health, nutrition, education and participation.

Defining a person with a disability and a person with a disability is divided into 6 categories , such as – 1. Visually impaired  2. Physically handicapped 3.  Hearing impaired 4.  Speech impairment  5. Mentally handicapped   6. Multidimensional Disability .

Disability prevention, disability identification and disability remedies have been mentioned below1. Education services for persons with disabilities2. Health care for people with disabilities3. Rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities4. Travel facilities5. Sports and culture6. Social Security7. People with disabilities have their own organization The law states that the rights of persons with disabilities should be protected and equal opportunities should be ensured. Development of people with disabilities as an important part of the national development program.  Ensuring recognition of the contribution / participation and representation of persons with disabilities in overall national development and decision making.  To include disability issues in all development plans of people with disabilities in the activities undertaken by all non-governmental development organizations for human development and to assist in resource allocation in necessary..Steps.

Children with disabilities have the least chance of going to healthcare or school. They are the most abused, abused, exploited and neglected of all other risky groups, especially when they are hidden or given to organizations. Gender is also an important consideration because girls with disabilities receive less food and care than boys. 

Huec want to serve the free Disability Services through Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Disability Consultants provide direct field services to persons with disabilities. Our activities are –  
 I) Face down Drawn curved limbs II) Bending the spine Spinal pain Back pain III) Numbness of limbs Dry hands IV) feet Tingling in the hands V) feet Stroke Paralysis VI) Cerebral palsy  VI) Arthritis pain VII) Neck pain VIII) Knee pain IX) Traumatic pain X) Bone pain XI) Occupational therapy Speech XII) language therapy Counseling XIII) Information Services XIV) Referral service Supply of free accessories.

HUEC wants to establish few  fully modern handicraft school for the disabled person in various district in west Bengal .

Finally the human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. One of our favorite ways to ignite this passion and jumpstart a happier and healthier lifestyle is by hearing some motivating speech from outstanding individuals.