“Each of us as human beings has a responsibility to reach out to help our brothers and sisters affected by disasters. One day it may be us or our loved ones needing someone to reach out and help.”

There is no human heroism in dealing with natural disasters. As there may be in rebellion, revolution, conflict. Rather, there is a kind of contraction in natural disasters. The story of man’s helplessness to nature. On the one hand, it is humanity to stand by that helplessness. That humanity is reflected through the collection and distribution of relief. Twenty-first century, as we go from village to village delivering food and other daily necessities, people stand in line. In this context, what kind of human relationship can be formed between these two groups? Can it be made at all?

Just as there is no such thing as a human being without a stomach, Even for a short time, we urban aristocracy  are forced to come out from our loyal lewdness .  I am forced to know another reality. Even with that knowledge, it may be the beginning of a different kind of exchange. Nature is terrible here. I don’t believe that there is any natural consciousness outside of capital or politics or power-infrastructure today. Still, I can’t help but acknowledge that nature is beautiful here. Beautiful to shake to the inside. So, standing in the midst of this awful nature, how exactly did nature become the signature of human social history?

     Henria Unique Education Centre (HUEC) operates in a disaster-prone region characterised by wetlands, seasonal flooding and frequent cyclones. Poor children and women are the most vulnerable to climate change and environmental risks. The gains made with great efforts to improve health and nutrition status among marginalised communities may be wiped out overnight when a disaster strikes. The likely long-term implications of climate change on childhood survival, nutrition and development are still to be estimated in our intervention area.

Several decades of work rooted in local communities have earned Henria Unique Education Centre (HUEC)  enough trust from the government and civil society to make it a primary partner during times of emergency. When cyclone Aila hit West Bengal in May 2009, it destroyed homes, crops and livestock.

HUEC donates huge Mask (Approx -11,000) to BDO representative for support the health worker in early COVID-19 Pandemic period.

HUEC also support to bellow poverty level rural villagers to give the relief from 25th march to july last . We support  Rice , Master oil , Dal & useful utensil.