The Society Registered under Indian Society Registration Act-1965 , bearing Registration No.S/IL/62486 on 13/07/2009.

PAN: No. –  AAAAH7453D

TAN: No. –  CALH05619F

12AA Registration / URN:  KOLKATA/12AA/2018-19/A/10447  , DATED-04.03.2019

80G Registration:  Approved vide F.No.- KOLKATA/80G/2018-19/A/10429 ,  Date: 04.03.2019

FCRA Registration –

NGO – GOVT. Partnership (NGO DARPAN) Regd. No. (Unique NGO/VO ID): WB/2014/0082330

Applicant Organization Permanent Registration Number – WB2018RF25275 Date: 14.09.2018

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